Noisy-le-Grand: the policemen’s version refuted by surveillance footage

Thanks to exclusive video surveillance footage, INDEX and Le Média reveal that a young man, whose filmed arrest had caused an outcry on social networks, was the victim of many additional blows. The images we publish contradict the official version of the facts.

Published on 26.09.2021

Date of incident



Noisy-le-Grand (93), France




On September 17, 2021, Moussa*, a young resident of Noisy-le-Grand, in the Paris suburbs, is violently arrested by police officers.

The scene is filmed by the telephone of a witness. In the video, which quickly made the rounds on social networks, it is possible to see Moussa, held down by two agents, then suddenly beaten by a third policeman, who strikes him with his fists and his feet on the head.

The footage having aroused indignation, the Paris police headquarters decided to open an investigation. For their part, the agents involved filed a complaint against Moussa for violence against persons holding public authority and threatening to commit a crime or misdemeanor.

INDEX and Le Média obtained access to the images from the CCTV cameras posted at the place where Moussa’s arrest took place, which we have analysed and which we publish today exclusively. Not only do they belie the police version, but also prove that Moussa was the subject of even greater violence than that shown by the video which had been shared on social networks.

*The first name has been modified.

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