INDEX is a not-for-profit, independent expertise agency established in France in 2020.

We investigate and produce expert reports on alleged acts of violence, violations of fundamental freedoms or human rights.

Our investigations bring together a network of independent journalists, researchers, videographers, engineers, architects and lawyers.

Our areas of expertise include open source investigation, audiovisual analysis and 3D digital reconstruction.


We aim to contribute to rigorous information on matters of public interest. For this reason, we operate as an investigative media and publish our investigations and reports online at https://index.ngo.

Our investigations follow multi-year themes that present an essential issue of public information. Since 2020, we have been focusing on the “Police/Justice” theme, producing independent counter-investigations on cases of police violence in France. Over the course of the year 2023, our investigations will start addressing new themes.


INDEX is firmly committed to the fight against misinformation and the denial of facts.

The purpose of our action is to help establishing the truth in cases where its public disclosure is hindered by interests of power.

Our field of action is public above all. Often published in partnership with other news media, our investigations and reports are regularly used in the legal proceedings on relevant cases.

We also work to disseminate the techniques and methods of open source investigation across civil society. As part of our training program, we run workshops with citizen collectives, NGOs, universities and the general public. We regularly intervene in the public sphere to present our work and our approach.


INDEX was created as an autonomous extension of the Forensic Architecture research agency, to which it remains closely linked through its team and its methods.

Along with a dozen other independent investigative organisations around the world, INDEX is a member of the international network Investigative Commons.

INDEX is also a member of the Syndicat de la Presse Indépendante d’Information en Ligne (SPIIL).


Founder/DirectorFrancesco Sebregondi
Current teamLorène Albin
Nadav Joffe
Basile Trouillet
Filippo Ortona
Laïss El Khaledi
Thibault Casteigts


INDEX is incorporated as an « association loi 1901 » declared in France.

Strictly non-profit, our investigative activity is solely funded by donations from individuals or foundations who wish to support us without any compensation or special conditions.

In 2023, INDEX received financial support from the following organisations:

→ Foundation « Un Monde Par Tous »

Centre National du Cinéma

Guerrilla Foundation

Furthermore, INDEX’s action would be impossible without the support of all those who participate in our crowdfunding campaigns.

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