Killing of Nahel: French TV “France 2” misuses INDEX and Earshot audio analysis on the 8 p.m. news, then apologizes the next day

The French TV channel ‘France 2’ broadcast the images of our analysis, but captioned them with a transcription taken from a police report. In the news the next day, France 2 presented a correction and an apology.

Published on 05.07.2023

In the July 3, 2023, edition of its 8 p.m. news broadcast, French public TV channel France 2 showed the images of the audio analysis, realised by INDEX and Earshot, of the moments preceding the fatal shooting of Nahel. However, the meaning of our analysis was completely diverted in the public broadcaster’s report.

When posting our audio analysis – Friday, June 30, on our social media accounts – we made the choice not to caption the images of the optimized audio spectrum. Indeed, the available data did not seem to us to allow a formal transcription of the audible exchanges in the video. However, during its broadcast of our images on the news, the television channel added subtitles from a transcription which would have been established by investigators from the IGPN, the police internal watchdog. We reacted the same evening on Twitter:

The following day, during the 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. news, France 2 broadcast a correction:

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